Capped Price Service

Choose the Suzuki experts for your next car service

Regular servicing maintains your Suzuki's long-term reliability and safety, which is why we specify a 'distance travelled' and/or time interval in your servicing program, whichever comes first.

Our expertly trained Dealer technicians not only use the latest Suzuki servicing equipment, but also have access to the latest information and training on Suzuki products, to keep your Suzuki operating in peak condition.

So don't jeopardise the reliability and safety of your investment by allowing it to be serviced by someone who lacks the equipment and training that only your authorised Suzuki Dealer's service department can offer.

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Midland City Suzuki

*The Suzuki Capped Priced Servicing (CPS) program applies to eligible vehicles sold after 1 October 2019, until further notice. Ineligible are diesel, modified, vehicles not imported by Suzuki and vehicles not used under normal operating conditions. Service required by participating Suzuki dealers. Covers standard scheduled services as set out in the owner’s manual for 5 years or 100,000km, whichever occurs first. Required service frequency is the earlier of 12 months/15,000 km (10,000km for turbo vehicles) and must occur on time. For full terms and conditions and pricing please visit