Satellite Navigation Updates

Every year our roads undergo thousands of changes so it's important to have the latest sat nav updates in your Suzuki. From new streets and highways to updated points of interest such as petrol stations and restaurants, Satellite Navigation software is an invaluable partner in getting you from A to B. We recommend updating your Suzuki's map software every 12 months. How do you update your sat nav I hear you ask? Find out how below!

Midland City Suzuki

Satellite Navigation Updates

If your Suzuki car has a Garmin satellite navigation unit, please go to to update the operational software and maps. Before updating your sat nav, select Australian (English) from the country options at the bottom right hand corner. This will ensure you receive the correct updates for Australian roads.

If your Suzuki has a Bosch satellite navigation unit, please go to to purchase an SD card from the third party supplier 'HERE Technologies'. Use the drop-down menu from ‘Select your Brand’ to choose Suzuki. On the following screen, you can select the model and model year. Click ‘ADD TO CART’ and follow the instructions to complete the purchase.

It is important to note that Suzuki dealers and Suzuki Australia Pty Ltd cannot be responsible for the content of the map software. As this data is supplied by a third party, we cannot guarantee that all roads, highways etc. will be correctly shown on their Suzuki's Navigation Unit display.

Want to report a map change? Visit This website can be used to edit roads, places and house numbers. The best part is that Map Creator is an easy-to-use, tool with embedded user tutorials.